An Exercise in Restraint

Love lost to Chronos, sweetness gained […]

An Exercise in Restraint

Love lost to Chronos, sweetness gained
whilst trepidation holds back the hand of care:
to touch is to lie; yet I hear your voice,
I cannot tell how distant it is.
A rounded care, an ear attent for your word,
simple and stranded, waiting.
There is no greater smile, no more cherished
amongst all dreams of form and poise.

An exercise in restraint, holding back
once again, and kinder all the so; and yet love
is not lost, and yet, still, love is no further gained:
could anyone say this is cruel?
Nay, when you shine so bright, walking in company,
and ’tis all I wished for, ’tis all I looked towards.

Cherished indeed. Tho time may sweep away
the love born to be lost, this matters not;
all that matters in this very life
is for you to smile in your choice, cherished form.

ἔρως in amber

empty eros   encased   in.amber. […]

ἔρως in amber


      empty eros   encased   in.amber.
      caught god   stable.despite.hollowed
      (was once   aphrod.ites favour.ite)
      (son beg.otten   chaos or.mother)
      yet.passive   under shining
      to be waiting   found.excavated
      (wane.and wave   from amber.prison)
      romance   sculptors.wax   politic.
      whence this found
      under foolsgold   under fossil   under.side
      (eros.breathe.   no to
      (vomited.from   pitoftartarus.hence.chaos)
      (chimerakin.d   he bleats.roars.moans.)
      and placed   on steel stalks.eros.entire
      next to.the   desiccated.remains.
      of some old   king.of.egypt.pharaoh.
      for   .got.   ten.   ow. er.os.
      (once pride of litter: once the fav.rit son)
      (once to bring.the sm.ile of man.upon)
      (yet no.
      no rosett.a worth
      e.n.   c .a.s e   d   i.n.   am.ber