Chaos Rains

A ruthless mercenary and an amnesiac paladin meet in a roadside tavern. This chance encounter results in an uneasy bond, the two warriors joining forces to rove the lands, seeking answers: Finch, the mercenary, is still haunted by the death of his family, and Sir Sampington IX, the holy knight, is determined to recall his reason for being so far from home. Allying themselves with Makoto, a wood elf cleric of Enoreth, they travel from wilderness-bordering towns and war-torn countries, to cursed forests and wintry wastelands: all the way, their adventures across the continent of Ambion find them ever gaining in power and slowly crawling closer to the truth, and possibly even changing the course of history itself…

Chaos Rains is my long-running D&D campaign, which I started in late 2017. Found here are installments of my transcriptions of the sessions, in the form of a campaign diary edited to flow more like fiction prose. The genres range from heroic and high fantasy, all the way to gothic horror and weird fiction, all laced with occasional dry wit and a healthy dose of absurdity.

Transcribing the sessions is a long process, so this project will be released quite slowly. I’d like to eventually take some time to focus on it, but with other projects on the go (I’m currently editing my second novel, writing my third, formatting my first book of poetry, as well as writing new material for the upcoming sessions of Chaos Rains itself), it’s hard to find the time. However, hopefully what I have so far is of some entertainment to you, whether you are a D&D fan or not.


Chaos Rains

Part I: Echoes Underground

Chapter I: A Grand Day Out

Chapter II: The Road to Sheoville

Chapter III: Godspeed You, Black Emperors

Chapter IV: One Big Pig

Chapter V: The Tall Man

Chapter VI: A Live Trout

Chapter VII: Trouble at the Stonehill Inn

Chapter VIII: Echoes Underground (coming soon)


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