reeling back af.ter shot thru head.
by cop piggy gun fuck, thru head.
thanks. thank.

hiding away fr.om shadow-fygure;
and toy train set near.by: go fygure;
woe. woes.

they killed my dog. the fuckers.
                            they killed my
                                      best friend.
                      it was i who call.ed

they took my innisense.
                          hid’ng did
                          no good.
                     found and stripp’d.

waiting for the final shot/thru head
                   better than sit.ting.aro.und
        thinkin bout ho.w you an’t
                    neber going to sing, newey.

             found and stripp’d.
             fucking pigs kill’d my dog.
             go fygure. woe. wo.

Author: artoria


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